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Widen Your Summer Holiday Destinations


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Discovering the undiscovered has never been this much tempting. Small steps into the wilderness would be smart and more enjoyable by starting the trip first by the city, slowly moving towards to the jungle life.

Couple days in Cape Town and then diving into the wilderness; safari at Kruger Park would be a perfect route to follow.

We recommend The Cape Grace Hotel for the stay while discovering the amazing food & wine. We assure that everything you will about to experience is going to be unique. As you enter the hotel entrance, you will be hearing one of the most unforgettable and warm welcoming of all; “welcome home sir”. Surrounding by every single detail belongs to the culture but never not making you forget the exclusivity. Yes, you heard it right, those features belong to this fascinating hotel. Make the dinner reservations well in advance – it’s like New York and London in terms of getting a table at some places. Counting on that you are as beach enthusiast as we are, Cape View Clifton is a place you must never skip. The place itself is stunning, meticulously decorated and has a killer view. You may start enjoying your wine accompanied by the view of all the way of Clifton’s four beaches in here.

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After a couple days in the incomparable city, we would recommend you The MalaMala Hotel, a game reserve located within the Kruger National Park. The largest and the oldest private big five game reserve in South Africa, this place promises to fascinate you to the core specially since you start your first safari tour. You will be guested in the private villas inside the camp, with a balcony, only a step far from the amazing creatures of nature. (Mostly giraffes, zebras, rhinos, elephants and buffalos in day time.)

If you really want to take this to another step, we strongly recommend you to arrange your safari hours at 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. in order to see the wildest of the wild. To be more accurate, the wildest goddess’ like jaguars, leopards, lions and many other big cats show up by these hours. (Note that you will not be allowed to go outside exploring without your private guardian even around your villa specially by the night times.) This time, you may enjoy your wine next by the camp fire.

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