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The most vague, the most uncertain notion, is time. What is time?

Why do we live according to it and why do we have to set our lives around a simple circle that is called "time". Well, that's a whole different topic to think about and sturggle whilst trying to understand.

Our mission is to fit this vagueness in to a certain visuality in order to capture a slight understanding of the notion itself. Since the beginning of "time" people have been wearing clothes.

At first this was really only for utility, cover yourself up, protection against the weather conditions, rain, snow, wind etc. At one point, througt "time" people have began to understand that it doesn't really have to be only utility but also luxury, needs turned in to wants.

Wanting not only clothes but clothes that fit perfectly. And fashion as we know today was born at some point during this "time".

The most interesting this was yet to come. People from our past, without even knowing it, shaped our future. This the peculiar thing about time anyway, past isn't really only there, it moves and evolves.

What happened in the past stays in the past they say but that doesn't really work for fashion. Because if it did, we wouldn't have had what we have now.

An idea of the past is what creates the idea of the future.

The history keeps repeating itself with the ideologies of today reshaping it.
Time therefore doesn't apply to fashion.

At one point a single item can be very fashionable and eventually forgotten then,

but it reappears once more as a fashionable item sometime in the future. Maybe the clothes we are wearing today will be a part of

the future we are not a part of yet, or won't ever be.

The perfect harmony between then and now.