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The Perfect Moeva Match


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As Moeva, we would like to share some information with you regarding your personal body shape and the Moeva swimwear which would fit you the best! It is important for us all, to find the perfect swimwear that would match our bodies, and let's be honest, it gets a little difficult sometimes! You go inside the shop, try to select your bikini but you just can't figure out which one to get, and there are just so many options! Well, with this particular blog post, Moeva would like to help you out and give you a litte information about the certain general body shapes there are, and we provide you the oppurtunity to select the option which suits you the best! It is always good to have some opinion over what to get, especially if you are indecisive regarding your selection! We do hope, this post is helpful for you to pick the perfect Moeva match!

So, you have the dream body shape! It is difficult to balance out the bust and the hips at the same time, so we would suggest you to get a bikini, or a one-piece that has a little more coverage on the top and the bottom yet still have some more space to feel confident and sexy about your figure. Here are our suggestions!

Alice Bikini

Indira Bikini

Jenny One-Piece

Hello athletic lady! It is really nice to have wider shoulders in proportion to your general body shape! We feel you would rock a triangle bikini, or a very sexy one-piece with some exposure. You should feel confident show everyone how good you take care of your body! Here are our suggestions:

Joyce One-Piece

Chloe Bikini

Emily Bikini

You have a very nice and balanced out figure, we can tell you that! It is good to have the same size bust and hips because then you can balance out the type of swimwear you wear and mix and match freely! We would suggest you not to stick to the basic, and try something new, because you can pull it off! Here are our suggestions:

Angela One-Piece

Sandra Bikini

Golda Bikini

Your body shape might be one of the most popular and desired body shapes of our times, simply because you are magnificent! And the swimwear you wear should be just as equal! Anything around the bust, could be a little bit more showy and for the bottom you can select the basic black bottoms or try something new, with accessories! A little coverage will flatter your shape, and cute bandeau will work well with the bottoms! Here are our suggestions:

Pamela Bikini

Joyce One-Piece

Bridget One-Piece

Your figure is inspiring because you can fit into some very amazing looking high-waisted models! Fitted designs and waist covering perfect fits are the best option for your body shape! You can look extremely sexy on the beach with some of the models, that really, no one else can pull off! Halter tops and full coverage bottoms are suggested... Here are our suggestions:

Victoria One-Piece

Monique Bikini

Camilla One-Piece