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Science of Fashion


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Science has facts, experiments, thesis, rights and wrongs, formulas creating equations,

and all equaling to the one simple fact. Science is indispensable.

How is it that fashion, a notion that has no rules, no certain formulas nor equations, can have a science?

It has no time, no boundaries. When you come to think of it, it makes perfect sense.

As Heraclitus' "harmonia", science and fashion together unite the perfect harmony of the opposing.

Ideologically fashion can even be a part of science

because it is really all about experimenting

without the worry of actually ending up with a solid fact or an answer.

The science of fashion therefore is based on experiments,

using the world of fashion as if it's the unknown "x".

The fun part of it is that you can play around this unknown x, and never have to figure out what it stands for.

With this post, the science of fashion is represented through experiments and the bending of certain ideologies. Like futurism, or minimalism, deconstructuvism and so on.

It is all about the "harmonia".

future me more:" The Impossible Wardrobe "by Tilda Swinton