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Must Haves For November


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We are officially launching the "must have" series, and we have an entire selection of must haves for this month of November! There are some styles you can even wear in your every day life if not on the beach, or on a yacht! Or you can take off for your Christmas vacation earlier this year, and take one of the must haves with you!

Here are the selections!


The iconic Bridget One Piece is the must have of all times but this time is the specialty for November!

You can wear on the beach, or on a fancy night out, either way, the choice of many influencers and celebrities is the way to go!

Who Was Wearing Bridget?

@rosiehw forEsquire UK April 2015, The Travel Issue

Yoki is the cover up must have of this month! The fringe fest skirt is the best seller beachwear from Moeva. The fringes are enhanced with hand braided golden accessories.

Enjoy the skirt on the beach!

The cutout detailed Claire one piece is the second must have swimsuit of the month. Also worn by many influencers and celebrities, the gold chain detailed swimsuit is an all time favorite!

Who Was Wearing Claire?

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Off shoulder madness! Rebecca was the hit of this summer, and a must have for November. If you are planning a secret weekend getaway alone or with your partner, don't forget to get this bikini before you go!

Who Was Wearing Rebecca?

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