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Metallic Glaze


Category :Fashion

Shiny, bright and rough. Metallic has entered the world of fashion and it does not seem to be leaving any time soon. Simply because it matches with so many concepts at the same time, it is used in a futuristic manner, a baroque manner, minimalist manner, gothic manner and the list goes on and on. It seems to be the main problematic in this particular case. How is this managed? How can something so basic be used in such different aspects? That is I suppose the beauty when it comes to a metallic look. I mean it is not even only accessories these days which is the most fascinating aspect of metal.

What is metal? It is a matter, a scientific tool. Yet somehow we managed to adopt it onto/into the things we actually wear. Regardless of the comfort level provided with metallic clothing, people still seems to use it, and not only to accessorize but also on a daily basis. Metallic trend also seems to be coming up again in fashion and we will be seeing a lot of metallic action in the future aswell, and not only fashion but also in our everday lives.

There is something classy, elegant and simple about it which attracts the eye, makes us ask questions to ourselves, how can it be? How am I pulled into this image, why does this attract me so much? It catches you, that is for sure! So we selected a few of images where this magical attraction will strike you once more, with feelings...