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There are many people in the Fashion world who's influenced us one way or another. These people guided us through our creations, designs, photography, movie making or simply our every day life. They set an example to all of us, became our idols, our guides. This post is dedicated to those who give us an idea, who opens up a new door, gives a fresh point of view, reflects us the most, gives identity, creates a profound effect on us.


Surely Kate Moss influenced everyone knowingly or unknowingly. Her sense of style gives us direction and influence. Council of Fashion America gave her the Fashion Influence Award in 2005 and even before or since then she's been creating her "fashion".


Grace Coddignton has been telling us a story that simply does or will not end any time soon. Her vision in the fashion field inspired so many that it can easily be said that she is one of the most influential woman in this area. Her career began with modeling and later on she started working in American Vogue magazine with Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue Magazine as the creative director. In the documentary "The September Issue", whilst in the car she says how she never closes her eyes while traveling, simply because you can never know what will inspire you, where beauty lies...


The queen of pop music, the face of the 80's fashion and style, 80's,90's and the 2000's. Her sense of style evolves as time goes and it simply never fades out. Madonna inspired every generation, everyone of all ages.


The queen of hats as some may know, Isabella Blow has given so much to the Fashion world. She's the one who discovered Alexander Mcqueen, the famous fashion designer. She has introduced a whole new vision and never quit it and her legacy will go on and on.


Factory girl: Edie Sedgwick is the face and soul of the 60's fashion and style movements. Not only fashion but also art, society,literature etc. Edie was the it girl, the girl won Andy Warhols heart and everyone elses. She influenced Warhol which can easily be seen in his works including cinema, photograpy, paintigs. Edie, with her iconic make up and style, created a new identity, an identity which had always been there yet remained unseen. She unleashed the power to be "you".


Skinny, boyish and different, Twiggy started her modeling carrier very unexpectedly. Yet she was not really suitable for being a model back then she made an impact on the whole world once she started. Her style was adopted by so many people all around the world that she still remains to be an icon today and will remain to be in the future. Her sensational eye make up is still used and accepted, not to mention her hairstyle. Twiggy is an immortal icon of fashion.


Grace Kelly is the most beautiful woman on earth some say and they are probably right, her career started as an actress yet she is known to be the Princess of Monaco. There are movies on her, songs composed for her, books written for her and yet she still remains to be as popular and as loved as before. As an icon of fashion she reflects grace, elegance and beauty and will keep on reflecting for a very long time.