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Soul Kiss - MOEVA S/S 2014 Collection Inspirations


Category :Art

The soul kiss. A brand new collection from MOEVA. The soul of the women, which MOEVA represents this season is the soul of a strong, independent woman. These women go even stronger, even more confident and more beautiful than ever. Soul kiss is an image, it is a character, an identity, a beautiful woman, an icon.It is about the geometry, about the colour and the structure.Soul kiss is minimal yet have a touch of classicism. Soul kiss is a method of research, a lifestyle, a search for the better. It is about a journey to reach your soul, going deep down inside your unconsciousness and finding the speacial thing which makes you, you. It is about the journey of self-discovery, finding the strenght in your heart to do the right thing, to fight and to stay strong. Soul kiss is you, it surrounds you and gives you the confidence to be who you want to be. Soul kiss is a mere reflection of yourself, the independent, strong women you are.

This season MOEVA is inspired by the amazing Helmut Newton and his photography. Newton is the most influential photographer of his time, who understand women and perfectly enterprets the true identity of one. A liberated woman who takes full responsibility for the freedom of her body. A timeless, unclassifiable woman.The way he tells his stories has inspired MOEVA create its own while still remaining loyal to the main identity.