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An Ode to Good Old Fashion


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With this particular post being an ODE to the ones who inspire us the most, we wanted to create a visual poetry, praising the designers from our past reflecting upon our future.


Mary Quant is one of the most influential designers from the 60s England. Her style and approach to fashion created a whole new identity in the society. Her innovative vision inspired many and created a whole new movement.

Miniskirts are almost like a trademark to Mary Quants fashion style and leadership.

The imagery in this photo is remarkable considering the structure and color balance, her sense of geometric style gives inspiration and vision.


BIBA is the 60s fashion, innovation, elegance, color, sexy, classy and all of them at the same time. Barbara Hulanicki created this brand during the 60s in London, where it had been adopted quickly and accepted as a lifestyle. Colors were the iconic representative of this particular brand, they used imagery as an identity which is the most inspiring aspect of this particular brand.

All over prints, clashing surfaces are BIBA. They use contrast as an harmony


Kansai Yamamoto remains to be still the avant-garde king of the fashion world, his designs inspired many amongst designers and has influenced artists around the world. His sense of fashion speaks for itself with both graphic and structural innovative approaches. He gives a certain sense of freedom with his designs, they communicate both with an audience and the wearer perfectly in a sense where it reflects the designers view yet still links with the person whoever carries the design.

This particular photo represents the idea beautifully. David Bowie wearing a Yamamoto design.

In this piece Yamamoto plays with color, structure, ideology, print, layering and cultural aspects.


Lobsters, flies, women, geometry, allover prints and so on, Elsa Schiaparelli is an icon when it comes to using your surroundings as a starting point. Anything and everything can be Fashion or can be a part of Fashion, all we can say is that the sky is the limit when it comes to her designs. The most beautiful can derive from a simple thought, a simple image.

In this particular photo we can easily see how simple yet beautiful a detail can be. And the detail is a fly!

It's not always an image but also a sense given, this is the Skeleton dress. The name itself gives this design a particular identity yet still without the name, the sense this design gives creates a certain idea in ones mind. It's always about intrigue.

Lobster Dress